Harusanchi is day care of ten capacity. An elderly person of Yame city can use here. They spend slow time, and we offer lunch of the fresh one.

Day care】(Long-Team Care Insurance)

Open       MondayーSunday

Time        8:30-17:30

Care Time  9:15-16:35

Capacity 10 people(Sunday is 4 people)

Please ask us about stay service.


Needing support 1,647JPY 〜 3,377JPY(one month)

Needing care      641JPY 〜 1,281JPY(one day)

Lunch            400JPY

Stay            2,000JPY 〜 5,000JPY(one night)

Please ask us about stay cost.


2-264 Honmachi Yameshi Fukuoka JAPAN

TEL/FAX 0943-24-5633

E-Mail harusankaigo@yahoo.co.jp